• Mansha Anand

Mascara-Stained Political Tears

I have mascara-stained political tears, streaming down my face after watching First Lady Michelle Obama's speech, which she gave in New Hampshire today while campaigning for Hillary Clinton. And I'm surprised by my reaction, because I never imagined I would be emotionally affected by a Presidential Campaign, let alone politics. Never did I think that people would need to be told, over and over, that women have a right to be respected. Never did I ever think I'd be writing about my tears and then sharing it publicly because of a vile man, who we have allowed to run in the race to be the President of the United States. Yes, I did say WE. Whether or not you're a Hillary supporter is irrelevant to me and the rest of America. But you need to understand one thing, if you do not vote for Hillary, YOU ARE voting for Trump. If you don't vote at all, YOU ARE voting for Trump. And if you continue to let day after day go by without taking some sort of action against Trump, YOU ARE voting for Trump - because discourse is no longer enough. You may feel better about yourself for being aware of what is being said by Donald Trump, but if you don't actively make an effort to discuss it, to make others aware of it, to encourage people to vote and to explain what is so horrifyingly wrong about Trump being a part of the Presidential race, YOU ARE voting for Trump. 

I am crying, because this is emotional. I am surprised because we live in an environment where emotions and politics do not go hand in hand. We are told to look at the facts, the logistics, the numbers, the plans but never ever to acknowledge our feelings. Why is this? It's because we have created a culture in which being emotional is tied to being weak, and being weak is not an option when it comes to Presidential Race. Well, have I got news for you - there is nothing weak about caring enough about something to let it emotionally affect you. There is certainly nothing weak about being hurt by the words of someone who wants to run the country you live in. There is nothing weak in crying about the state of a nation you live in, where the constant degradation of women is disregarded as a joke. IT IS NOT FUNNY. Even if you do despise Trump, none of this is funny.

A few months ago, I posted on Facebook saying that it's all well and good making jokes about Trump but it's now time to realize the serious consequences, should he claim victory. That was then, and although more people are becoming concerned with the wrong-doings of this man; there are still TOO many people using his barbaric comments and constructing jokes out of them. T-shirts, mugs, and dog toys are only a few of the things that have popped up over the last year. And yes, it can be argued that these products help to spread the message about Trump's horrific platform but is that really enough?

Is it funny to be profiting from the words of a man who makes jokes about sexual assault?

Is it funny to be a part of a society that has not only allowed this man to get as far as he has but has aided in making a mockery out of a presidential election? 

Is it funny that we have people, whose vote for Hillary is conditional, based on whether or not you give them money while they beg on the streets of NYC?

The future of this country is not amusing. The future of this country is absolutely terrifying

Imagine your child, or brother or sister, or next door neighbors' kid, has a teacher at the local school, who says “you have to treat ‘em [women] like shit.” Would you be okay with that? Would you tell the child not to worry about it? Would you make a joke about it? Would you justify it and say that the teacher probably didn't mean it? Or would you go over to that school and have the teacher fired? Please tell me you would let your sons learn about how women need to be treated like shit. Please tell me you would let you daughters learn that they should be treated like shit. Because that is exactly what you're doing when you dismiss Trump and the dangerous affect he will have on the future of this country and your children.

The continuous Trump related humor which is circulating has serious ramifications that will destroy this country. Go ahead and make your jokes, but make an effort to show that the discourse these jokes are based on is violent, threatening and degrading. Btw, the memes and mockery are more likely to deter people from voting, because why vote if the election is a joke? Why should anyone take the election seriously if the only thing they are being exposed to is the fact that it's funny that Donald Trump is running? TRUMP IS RUNNING. He is a serious contender against Hillary, who needs to be stopped, before his racist, sexist, anti-gay, bullying-self becomes the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This pathetic excuse for a man, has come too far. To keep going on about the man, who was best known for saying "you're fired" and is now best known for saying: "Grab 'em by the pussy," as a harmless joke of a candidate, is wrong. Do you want to do the honors of telling the rest of the world that you let a man who said "Grab 'em by the pussy"become PRESIDENT? Sorry to break it to you, but if you don't vote, that is exactly what you're gonna be doing on November 9th, 2016. 

Stop using humor as a defense mechanism. It's bad enough that we laugh ourselves out of uncomfortable situations and conversations we don't want to have in our day-to-day lives. But to let it affect our future and the future of everyone that comes after us, here AND throughout the rest of the world, is beyond pathetic. 

If you don't start taking Donald Trump seriously, he will win. Like I said earlier, whether or not you like Hillary, no longer matters - if you don't vote for Hillary, if you vote for anyone but Hillary, and if you don't vote period, Donald freakin' Trump WILL WIN. And when all hell breaks loose, you can go ahead and blame yourself - is that the kind of thing you want hanging over your head for the rest of your life? Wouldn't you rather claim responsibility of being a part of the reason this country didn't elect (as one twitter user put it) a "mangled apricot hellbeast?"

It's time to get emotionally involved. If you can laugh, then you can also cry and you can be angry. If you allow yourself to get emotionally involved you are embodying strength and power. It is the right of the people to decide who gets to represent them. We chose democracy. Democracy puts the power in our hands. By not voting Hillary, you are giving all your power to a man who called President Obama, "the founder of ISIS." You are making a man, who thinks sexual assault should be expected in the military, Commander -in- Chief. You are letting a man who literally said there needed to be “some form of punishment” for women who get abortions, have all the damn power. Donald Trump is not stupid. WE are stupid for allowing him to insult millions of people and still run for President. And we will be even stupider when he wins.

Don't be stupid. Don't dismiss Trump and his comments. Don't shrug everything off as a joke. 

DO VOTE. Vote for the future of this country. Vote for your children. Vote for the people who made it possible for everyone to be allowed a vote. Vote for the rest of the world. Vote for people like me, who can't vote. Vote for Hillary. 

And make sure you watch FLOTUS' speech, she explains everything much more eloquently than I ever could. 

You have the power to change the future. It's up to you to decide if you want it to be a good one. 


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