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It's Lit | The Death of Mrs. Westaway

To say I am obsessed with Ruth Ware's novels is an understatement. As in, without realizing it, I have managed to read three of her novels in the last year. And each time I finished the novel within two days.

Ware's books are the kind you want to intensely read and rush through, to find out what happens next... only to get to the last 75 pages and suddenly slow down, so it doesn't end too soon. The Death of Mrs. Westaway is no exception.

If you like reading for pleasure and love a good thriller/crime novel, then this is it. The most poignant thing about the story is that whenever you think you've sussed out the plot and predicted a twist... you're presented with a turn instead. Another interesting feature is that the story is being told from the perspective of someone who is also doing a wrong; differentiating it to her previous books I've read, where the "bad stuff" happens to the protagonist.

Last but not least, her writing paints a literal movie screen while you're reading, allowing you to dive into the plot itself and to feel all the chills and thrills. It has a little bit of darkness, a dash of psychic readings and a whole lot of family dysfunction, in a creepy old house. Highly recommend picking this up if you're on the hunt for some goosebumps.

Rating ⋆⋆⋆⋆

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