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Gold Hoops For Every Mood

The title pretty much says it all. And if you haven't realized, gold hoops are currently all the rage - whether they're big, small, chunky, embellished, classic, there's definitely something for everyone out there. The great thing about these is that the gold finish of the hoops makes them just versatile enough to outlast any temporary trend they might currently be a part of. Meaning, you're sure to be rocking these years from now as well. To make your search for the perfect gold hoop earrings easier, I've collected 6 of my favorite finds across a range of prices and brands. There's sure to be a little (or big) something for everyone so keep on reading!

1. Mejuri - Chunky Hoops - $80

The one that started it all - the Chunky Hoops. These are a staple in anyone's jewelry collection and a no brainer if you're just starting off your gold hoop collection. They complement pretty much every outfit while making it look like you made that extra bit of effort to get ready.

2. Etsy - Crossiant Hoops in Gold - $24

These little croissant huggies are the cutest and must have for the minimalist in you. They're from Etsy and super affordable dupes for some of the earrings from bigger name brands. Plus the seller has incredible reviews and hundreds of thousands of sales under her belt - which is always a positive when shopping online.

3. Sayran - Gold Lira Hoops - $40

These are definitely my personal favorites because they're ones I love and wear all the time (or whenever quarantine allows me to). The chunky gold hoops have been stepped up a notch with a beautiful gold coin hanging from it and honestly I couldn't be more obsessed. They jazz up any outfit you wear and the compliments just keep on coming when I wear these. In addition, you're also supporting a small women-owned business!

4. Ettika - Bamboo Hoop Earrings - $15

A twist on the classic hoop earrings, these hoops are bamboo themed and perfect for anyone looking to up there hoop game, without anything too outgoing. P.S. They're mega affordable at only $15 for the set!

5. Astrid & Miyu - Chunky Rope Hoops in Gold - $84

Another popular style that's been seen absolutely everywhere is the 'Rope' design hoop earrings. These little twists are another way to spice up your jewelry game with minimalism, sophistication and a touch of fun.

6. Missoma - Gold Ancien Hoops - $115

Another personal favorite of mine, these hoops are exactly what the Missoma site says: "a statement update to your collection, but are low-key enough to be worn every day." The gold-plated beauties are stylish and perfect for stacking with other earrings without it all being too much. There are def next on my list to purchase!

That's it for my gold hoop earrings collection! I hope you were able to find something you love or at least gained some inspo and insight into what's out there. Let me know your thoughts below and if you purchase any of these!

*all images are from their respective brand's website.

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