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Fantastic Barrettes and Where To Find Them

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Admit it... you knew this post was coming.

Hair Clips, Pins and Stylish Barrettes

Barrettes. Hair Clips. Snap Clips. Alligator Clips. You get the picture - they're back. And there's no point denying their existence because believe it or not, they're here to stay. Think what you will about trends, while some are ridiculous and temporary, the ones that actually provide a solid function will stick around for years on end. I bought my first pack of snap clips since childhood, 2 years ago from Target and since then my collection has just multiplied... exponentially. No, I don't need as many hair accessories as I have but what can I do - I'm obsessed with the variety of designs available now, that DEF weren't around when I was a kid. Plus, my long hair has a tendency to drive me up the wall, so wearing a clip or two... or three, can really help a girl out when it comes to getting her hair out of the face. Her being me, obviously. Also, if my hair is tied up for too long I get headaches, so hair clips really do save the day. All I'm saying is - don't knock 'em til you try them! Here are some favorites from my collection - keep reading if you want to know where to find these fantastic barrettes! Don't worry, most of these will keep you trending without burning a hole in your wallet #goals.

1. Pastel Snap Clips | Colette by Colette Hayman

Colette Pastel Snap Hair Clips

Sooo if you've never heard of this brand, it might be because it's Australian and doesn't ship to the U.S. Bummer, I know. I picked these up while I was in Perth a) because they're larger than normal snap clips and b) they're PASTEL and MATTE. It was a win, win for my 90s hair game. You might be thinking... why would she write about these if I can't even get myself some? Well, when planning this post I didn't realize that Colette doesn't ship to the U.S. BUT I still love the style and wanted to share it with anyone that is looking for inspiration. PLUS, I found some super similar ones anyway, that you can get here! Check out the links below for options from Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

Style 1: Matte Square Snap Clip Set | $12

Style 2: Chunky Flip Clip Set | $10

Style 3: Matte Styling Hair Clip Set | $14

Style 4: Large Pastel Blue Slide Clips | $15

Colette Pastel Snap Hair Clips

2. J'Adore Alligator Clips | Colette by Colette Hayman

j'adore alligator hair clips

I promise this is the last 'Colette' set of clips lol. I saw these in the store and knew I needed to pick up a set because I adore this trend of clips, the tortoise shell effect and this shade of green. Unfortunately, everything I'd seen in the U.S. had been way more expensive, so these were a steal at about $12. Again, you obviously can't purchase these exact ones but I've now found some similar styles that are much more affordable AND I've linked the Kitsch Pin (Style 4) that I originally wanted. Also, these are Alligator Clips which are even easier to style your hair with and hold a lot of hair if you're like me and well... have a lot of it.

Style 1: Glamorous J'adore Tortoiseshell and Rose Quartz Hair Clips | $16

Style 2: ASOS DESIGN Hair Clip with Pearl Glam Slogan | $9.50

Style 3: QUEEN Diamante Hair Slide | $5

Style 4: Damn Rhinestone Bobby Pin | $29

3. Mini Rhinestone Snap Clips - Kitsch

Kitsch Mini Rhinestone Snap Clips

These have been well worn and well loved by moi. I wear them SO much because they're small and go with pretty much everything, while still making a statement. Another plus is that none of the stones have fallen out, even after so much wear! Kitsch just kills it in the Accessories department and their website is definitely worth checking out. Beware though, you will want everything. While these are made by Kitsch, I actually picked them up from Ulta Beauty because they sell a lot of Kitsch accessories as well! Also, this totally saved me paying for shipping etc. so my advice is to see what you like on the site and then go check out your local Ulta, to see if they have it in store (or call them). Pro Tip: These also come in Rose Gold!

Original: Mini Rhinestone Snap Clips - Hematite | $12

Option 2: Mini Rhinestone Snap Clips - Rose Gold | $12

4. Pro Styling Clips | Kitsch

Kitsch Styling Hair Clips

Yes, it's another Kitsch purchase! Personally, these are more for when I'm curling my hair and/or doing my makeup and want to section my hair or get it out of my face. Obviously, you can wear them however you want! I love these because they don't leave a kink in your hair, so if you've already styled your hair and need it out of the way to do your makeup - these are definitely the way to go. The clips themselves are surprisingly secure and hold wet and dry hair without slipping at all! I picked these ones up, on a whim, at Ulta and I'm honestly so glad I did - they're a game changer and bargain at $8 for 6 of them. I suggest checking Ulta for them because they're currently out of stock on the Kitsch site. You can also sign up to get notified for when they're back on Kitsch - just click here.

Original: Kitsch Pro Styling Clips | $8

5. Acrylic Hair Clips Set | Amazon

Acrylic Resin Hair Clips from Amazon

I honestly don't know what it is about Amazon but I always manage to forget that they sell literally everything: including fashion accessories. If you're in search of a ton of alligator barrettes with different designs, then look no further. I bought a pack of TWENTY using Amazon Prime and they're awesome.

Acrylic Resin Hair Clips from Amazon

With tortoise shell, marble and sparkly patterns, the set covers pretty much everything you could want AND each design comes in a one triangular barrette and one rectangular barrette. They're super sturdy, hold a lot of hair and are perfect for living your 90s dreams. Seriously, the hairstyles you could create with these are endless.

Original: Acrylic Hair Clips Set | $16.99

There you have it fam, Fantastic Barrettes and Where To Find Them. Let me know if you purchase any of these and what you think! I love all of the above and genuinely enjoy finding new ways/combinations to wear them. Especially because I am SO lazy when it comes to styling my hair - these make everything a whole lot easier.

The real question is... am I going to grow my collection? ummm, since I already have a wish list, I'd say that's a big YES. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out what else I'm crushing on and I'll see all of you in my next post (she says optimistically).

Til next time,

The best hair clips and barrettes to shop online


1. Butterfly Hair Clip Set | $6

2. Snake Slide Clip | $18

3. Pack of Pearl & Jewel Hair Clips | $25.90

4. Star Bobby Pin Set | $14

5. Orelia Hammered Gold Arrow Clip | $9.50

6. DesignB London Mint Resin Shell Claws | $13

7. Liars & Lovers Neon pink Beaded Slides | $13

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