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Hype or Swipe | ColourPop Lux Lipsticks

Hi friends! Welcome to another segment of Hype or Swipe. Today I'm talking all about the new ColourPop Lux Lipsticks, if I dig them or if it's a swipe left situation. Keep reading to find out!

I'm gonna start off by saying that in general, I'm not a huge fan of ColorPop Liquid Lipsticks - whether that's the Ultra Matte Lip or the Ultra Satin Lip. Regardless of price, I think there are much better alternatives out there and because I didn't get along with them, I didn't bother trying any of ColourPop's other lip products. Lipsticks however, are something completely new from them so I thought I'd give them a chance! Plus, I'll use any excuse to buy more lipstick.

When it comes to lipsticks - I generally ask four questions:

  • Is the color payoff good?

  • Does it smell weird?

  • Is it drying?

  • Does it last a decent amount of time?

Before I get to answering the questions, let's go through the deets:


At $7 a tube, they are incredibly affordable, especially in comparison to MAC's lipsticks which are usually $17.50 a pop and L'Oréal lipsticks which range anywhere from $6.00 to $14.00 depending on the collection etc. The fact that all their lipsticks are a) one price and b) pretty generously priced compared to both drugstore and higher end cosmetics, is already a plus in my books.

Amount of Product

Each tube has 0.12oz of product which, if you're anything like me and don't know how much that is, doesn't really tell you anything. The best way to know if you're getting a good amount of product is to compare the number, to that on other lipsticks. In this case, a MAC lipstick averages about 0.1oz and a L'Oréal tube comes out to about 0.13oz. In other words, you're getting approximately the same amount of lipstick that you would from other brands!

Where to Shop

At this time you can only buy the Lux Lipsticks at colourpop.com, but Ulta Beauty just announced that they're going to be carrying Colourpop items soon, so there's a chance that they might stock the lipsticks!

Color Range

The Lux Lipstick range includes 24 shades, with all your basics plus a few shades most people consider to be bolder, like lilac, green and black. There are a ton of 'natural' shades and a variant of stunning red/orange hues, so you'll definitely find something that suits your taste (unless you want a yellow lipstick or something, in which case you're outta luck lol).

All in all, everything looks good on paper (or online?) The only issue is that you can't swatch anything before you make a purchase and all sales are final. My suggestion, if you're unsure about what to order, is to find a blogger/youtuber who you consider to have the same taste as you and/or the same skin tone and someone whose opinion you trust. There are so many incredible creatives out there, you'll definitely be able to find one that has already swatched some, if not all the shades!

Of course, you can also keep reading my review and scroll to see swatches of the shades on my skin tone. I personally don't believe in the 'first impression' post/video because there have been so many instances in which I've disliked a product at first use but ended up loving it after testing different ways to use it. For reference, I've been using the Lux Lipsticks for nearly 3 weeks now!

First off, the packaging design of the Lux Lipsticks is beautiful. It's super simple, while still looking like you're investing in something special.

I bought five different shades from the Colourpop site - three of the lipsticks came in a bundle and then I bought two singles because I don't have any restrain when it comes to buying makeup (I'm working on this I swear).

The inside of each carton has stars all over it, which I LOVEEE and the tube itself is gold with stars scattered on it. I'm obsessed with most things star-related so it's no surprise that I'm drawn to the packaging. Especially considering how affordable the lipstick is, the packaging doesn't look or feel cheap. AND one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to lipsticks, is the tube itself being so terribly made that the lipstick breaks half-way through using it, or just falls out completely - and neither has happened to these ColourPop ones yet!

What I Bought

The Can't Bare It set is described as a warm nude trio and includes:

Uno Mas: warm peachy pink

Lay Over: medium rosy beige

Gallop: true terracotta

and the singles I bought are:

Humble Pie: hot pink

On Repeat: orange red

True Colors

When it comes to color, there are only a few things that I think are worth mentioning.

1. First, Uno Mas is beautiful and is definitely more peachy than pink - so if you have peachy undertones, just be aware that this'll probably look more "nude" on you than it would for someone who say, has "yellow" undertones.

2. Gallop is a lot deeper than I thought it would be. It's definitely a terracotta which I'd describe as a brown with red undertones. It's absolutely stunning BUT if you're someone who doesn't enjoy wearing a deep shade in general, I'd give this a miss.

3. I bought Humble Pie because I was missing a pink in my collection. Which is really weird because when I was younger I only ever thought to wear pink lipstick - like, that was the staple. The site says it's a hot pink, which I'm sure it is on lighter skin tones, on me however it's more of a bold pink/ fuchsia. I'm not mad about it and I'll definitely keep wearing it but it's something to note if you're really looking for a "hot" pink. The only way I can describe it, is to say that if the lipstick were less creamy, it would definitely be hot pink on a wider range of skin tones -essentially, the creaminess of the lipstick tones the vibrance down. It all comes down to a preference thing.


Let's talk about the finish ~ On the Colourpop site each lipstick has a unique color description and all of them have a 'Lux Lipstick' description, at the bottom of their respective pages.

"This full coverage lipstick is packed full of the finest pigments to give you long wearing, true color in shades made for every skin tone. This formula glides on like butter and has a creamy matte finish. Our exclusive LUX blend of Acai, Jojoba and Pomegranate Seed butters hydrate and keep your lips looking fresh AF. Natural antioxidants protect your lips from environmental stressors and premature aging." - colourpop.com

The Breakdown

Full Coverage ~ For sure. The deeper shades are one-swipe wonders and the 'nudes' are extremely pigmented but naturally need an extra swipe because well, they're nudes lol. The lipsticks are extremely creamy, so while you can add a swipe or two, if you apply too much it's just gonna travel all over your teeth and spread out of your lip line - something to be aware of.

True-Color ~ I already spoke about the colors of the lipsticks I purchased but overall I'd say the shades are pretty on point in comparison to what their descriptions read.

Made for Every Skin Tone ~ Obviously, I can only comment on my own skin tone - and I do believe I could wear all the colors if I wanted to. I think the range of "nudes" is pretty vast in general and from all the different people I've heard talk about these, I think that most of the shades could also be used by anyone. It all just comes down to preference to be honest, because these lipsticks are so pigmented that the color payoff will at least show-up on everyone.

Glides on like Butter ~ YESS. SO smooth and buttery. These are as smooth as, if not smoother than my Marc Jacobs Lip Crème, which btw, boasts of one-swipe color BUT is a whopping $30. The only downside to the Lux Lipsticks being extremely buttery, is that the product does move around a lot if you apply too much, BUT that's also something that can be remedied with some practice and lip liner.

Creamy Matte Finish ~ I have a slight problem with this description because if someone isn't trained in cosmetic description, they'd probably think that the ColourPop Lux Lipsticks are creamy in texture and dry matte. Hence, Creamy Matte Finish. Basically, I think a lot of people assumed that these are matte lipsticks but if you think about butter and cream... I don't know how that'd be possible. Obviously, these aren't metallic lipsticks or anything of the sort but they also aren't going to give the same finish that a Matte Liquid Lipstick does.

None of this is the end of the world - just putting that out there. This information is purely for anyone who wants to know more about a product before spending their hard-earned money. Now, I do think it's kind of sketch that ColourPop says 'matte' at the top of their webpage and then 'satin' right at the bottom of the page, both to describe the same product. If people don't scroll down - they wouldn't even see that Colourpop says the Lux Lipsticks ultimately have a satin finish. So do your research and be aware that having a super rich and creamy formula is most likely going to result in a satin semi-matte finish and that's exactly what the Lux Lipsticks are. That's all. If you want a true matte, I wouldn't purchase these lipsticks.

Hydrating ~ Sure! It's not a chapstick but it doesn't dry out your lips either!

Protects your Lips from Environmental Stressors and Aging ~ Not sure and don't know how you'd test that lol. I will say that if they're making a claim like this on a product, it usually has to be tested - so I'm sure it is true. It would be nice to know what "environmental stressors" mean though... like protection from the Sun? or dehydration?

Long-Wearing ~ Again, if they're making this claim it means the Lux Lipsticks were most probably tested for wear time. Just throwing it out there. The FDA can be a real pain in the ass for retailers but as a consumer, they're awesome and just trying to help you. In my opinion, if you wear the lipstick alone (no primer, liner, lip balm etc.) then it will fade away within the first 2-3 hours of you applying it. Especially if you're eating or drinking, in which case it'll come off even faster. Also, as it's so creamy, the product does tend to spread and then you have to keep cleaning the edges of your lips. Oh and the lighter shades naturally fade faster than the deeper shades, which at least leave a tint after their wear-time is over. I realized all this because the first time I applied a Lux lipstick was without any of the helping products, I mentioned above.

I'm someone who is too lazy/ doesn't remember to reapply their lipstick, so when something lasts a really long time - I'm sold. Naturally, I was a little annoyed that all the lipstick had come off quickly when I tried it the first time. BUT the way I remedied this is the same way I apply every other lipstick, no matter the price point or brand. And this method is the advice I give to everyone on how to apply lipsticks properly.

Use a LIP LINER. I cannot stress the difference it makes to your lipstick.

If you use a similar shade of lip liner to lipstick, it adds a protective barrier (literally) that stops the color from spreading. AND if you fill in your lips, it also primes them and gives the creamy lipstick something to stick to.

If you use a different shade of lip liner to lipstick, you can lighten/deepen the shade of your lipstick, or even transform the color enough that it's like you have a whole new shade! This is a great way to switch up your lip-look without breaking the bank because Lip Liners are generally cheaper than Lipsticks themselves. (MAC Lip Liners are great - I haven't tried ColourPop ones).

Just adding lip liner increases your wear time by at least 2 hours, even if you drink or eat.

Finally, if you want the Lux Lipstick to last all day - regardless of what you eat or drink, I would add a thin layer of liquid lipstick over the top, just to set everything in place. I know it sounds excessive because why wouldn't you just skip the lipstick altogether? Well my friends, liquid lipsticks tend to be VERY drying and are usually more expensive than a normal lipstick. And just like the liner helps the lipstick last longer, the lipstick helps the liquid lipstick to be less drying. I do this trick pretty much everyday. Like the lip liner, if you change up the liquid lipstick you can create whole new shades of lipstick. And because the liquid lipstick sets the regular lipstick, you won't have that pesky problem of getting lipstick all over your teeth. You're literally just adding an invisible protective barrier to stop anything from wiping off that pout. I swear to you, this works. The number of people that ask me what I'm wearing after a meal, when they see my lipstick hasn't budged, is insane. (This is also a great trick for when your liquid lipsticks begin to dry out and you can't use them on their own anymore.)

Adding the thin layer of liquid lipstick over the top can help my lip color stay up to 8-9 hours on occasion! And, this combination is a money saver - who doesn't love that?

The ColourPop Lux Lipsticks are also VEGAN and Cruelty-Free!

Each lipstick also has stars imprinted on it which is adorbs + make them feel fancy af.


Top to Bottom - Uno Mas / Lay Over / On Repeat / Gallop / Humble Pie

Lay Over / Uno Mas

Humble Pie / Gallop

Gallop/ On Repeat

Overall, the Lux Lipsticks fulfill the answers to my lipstick questions!

  • The color payoff is very good.

  • They're not drying at all.

  • And they last a decent amount of time, especially the way I apply my lipstick.

  • The only question left is, do they smell weird? And no my friends, they do not. They don't really smell of anything which is amazing because who wants the constant smell of something awful under their nose?

I think it's safe to say I Hype the ColourPop Lux Lipsticks! Which I'm genuinely surprised about, given my experience with their other products. These are especially nice if you're desperate to try a shade you've never worn before and want something that performs well, without breaking the bank. Who knows, next time you see me I might be wearing a green lipstick!

Until then,

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