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Updated: May 28, 2019

Telling people that you work in the beauty industry usually results in a terrifyingly condescending response. And if you had told me at age 11 - 24esque that I would be working in it, I’d probably have had the same reaction. I wasn’t into makeup because it made you “girly” and being girly meant you were weak, shallow and not as smart as, ya know, “boys.” I grew up denying anything that was associated with being a girl and thought that painting my room black would prove I was cooler, smarter and better than other girls.

Now, my day-to-day life is constantly filled with all things beauty related and no I’m not ashamed. As little girls we were taught that our appearance was more important than our intellect. As wrong as it was, what’s more wrong is that we were taught that we could only care about one or the other.

If the last few years and an ever-growing industry has shown us anything - it’s that you CAN be both. You can be makeup obsessed and be smart af. You can love your beauty regimen as much as you love crunching numbers. I can wear as much makeup as I want and still maintain the right to be taken seriously. And there is nothing cool about competing against other women.

I’ve been told “I didn’t think you were that smart,” an observation based purely on the amount of makeup I wear. People ask me why I choose to work in the beauty industry and this is exactly why: because it is never okay to judge someone based on their appearance. The beauty industry has given millions a platform to show who they are and how their appearance doesn’t define them. It gives people the opportunity to experiment and be creative. It challenges what gender means and even questions the legitimacy of it. And it has given someone like me the confidence to take what was used to undermine and embarrass her and instead, use it as a tool of self-empowerment ✯

The beauty industry and its supporters are changing the language of the world by questioning and challenging everything and delivering the product to back it up. They are producing entrepreneurs, visionaries and philanthropists and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the industry.

p.s. this is also why I’m going to BeautyConLA.

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